Taking & Storing Philosophy Research

I decided to take  my research in my Rhodia pad as I research and then store my findings in one of my Arc notebooks.  I haven’t come up with a filing system for the Arc yet, but I did go out to ask for help.  Hopefully someone will bite. My main focus on this research journey is pure Socrates and the Socratic Method, period.  I will be doing my research via autobiographies, video, audio and books of analysis by philosophical scholars that inclued the many interpretations and perspectives of Socrates through Plato and Xenophon respectfully.

The main sections I want to focus on in my research is the Socratic Method of cross-examination, the historical, political and textual aspects of Socrates’ life as well as the dialogues regarding wisdom, truth, justice, death, and the afterlife.

Both Rhodia and Arc have great paper so I’m very excited to get all of my findings down ASAP!

The Word of the Day! “Harangue”


/həˈræŋ/ Show Spelled [huh-rang] noun

1. a scolding or a long or intense verbal attack; diatribe.
2. a long, passionate, and vehement speech, especially one delivered before a public gathering.
3. any long, pompous speech or writing of a tediously hortatory or didactic nature; sermonizing lecture or discourse.

I will go ahead and use it in a sentence…ahem!
“I will never forget Senator Ted Cruz’s hilarious, twenty-three hour public hanranguing deguised as a legitamate filibuster speech against funding the Affordable Care Act known as Obamacare.”
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